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Low Rate Tips

Travel Off-Season:

Select an off-season for traveling to your favorite destination and avoid major holidays. Most vacation rentals have several sets of prices: low season, mid season and high season. For example, the Mammoth Lakes, California is popular in the winter for skiing, but much more affordable in the summer. Vacation rentals tend to charge the highest prices when they know that most people want to go. It's smarter and less crowded to plan your trip when visitors will be at a minimum. Weekends are more expensive, so schedule your trip during the week if possible.


You will pay premium prices for premium locations. For example, you will pay hundreds less if you select a vacation rental that is located a few blocks away from the beachfront. Lodging at a place a short drive away from the main attraction isn't so bad; you will certainly save a lot of money.

Do Your Homework & Plan Early:

There are many vacation rental properties to choose from. In every locale there is a "perfect little rental home" priced just right for your budget! However, it takes some patience and diligence to locate it. Start early and take the time to research and find the place that's just right for the occasion.

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